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Areas of Ministry

I believe ALL Christians are called into the ministry. For at its core, ministry is all about serving one another. And this is what God ultimately desires for each of us: to serve and love others just as Christ served and loved us. He has given us a myriad of options when it comes to glorifying Him and serving His Church. These are the four main areas of ministry in which my Saviour has graciously called me to serve and give Him the ultimate glory.

Preaching Ministry

My first and foremost calling has always been preaching. I have sometimes questioned to what extent or purpose God desired to use me, but the fire burning inside of me has never gone out. Even through the storms of life my Saviour never ceased to fan the flames of my ardent love of preaching His truth.

Whether He will call me into the mission field or to another ministry I can not say. But I know I will be preaching wherever He sends me. It's all in God's time, by His grace, and always with beautiful feet. (Romans 10:15)

When the time is right, I will also be able to make myself available to those who need a preacher to fill in for a service or help out with a church camp, youth night, outreach, etc. For more information or to get in touch with me, please use my Contact Page and I will get back to you ASAP.

Below are two recent sermons that I have preached. I am blessed simply to be used of God and I owe Him all the praise, honor and glory for these opportunities. Note: These two links may be updated from time to time.

Teaching Ministry

I'm not that great at YouTube but it seems to be a necessary platform for reaching the lost, teaching the saved, and generally posting content that a fallen world really needs to hear. I will be honest and tell you that I haven't kept up with it as much lately but I am working on my channel with the time I do have.

I love to teach and really enjoy digging into God's word. So I am hoping to do a bit more in the way of going through specific topics and putting those videos together. As I get that reworked, I will try to keep this section up to date as well. God Bless and thanks for you patience!

Check out my YouTube Page to view some recent videos.

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Serving Ministry

The Greek word most used and translated as 'ministry' in the New Testament is diakonia. It means 'service or attendance' such as would be provided by a servant. This is what God calls us to be to one another, servants. Remember what Christ taught? The servant is not greater than His master and those disciples who desired to be the greatest were to be the servant of all.

We are to serve each other and since Jesus calls us His own family, then I believe we are also called to serve in a local church family before we can consider serving elsewhere. When we learn to care for our own family of God first, then we are truly prepared to go out and serve others. I am proud and honored to be a part of Calvary Baptist Church. This is my home and my family whom I serve.

Bible Ministry

I believe we must not only share the Word of God but we must also give people a copy of the words of God. The Bible is the most beautiful book ever written. No other book is alive and full of life. It is the answer to our most difficult questions and it is filled from cover to cover with the greatest message a lost world could ever hope for... Jesus loves you.

If you need your very own copy of the King James Bible then please reach out to me. I will be happy to send you one. I also have a Soul Winner's New Testament that I carry around as well. If you already have a Bible but would like something more compact and easy to use for sharing the Gospel with others, then let me know and I will get that out to you instead.

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