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Support in the Ministry

Most Importantly - PRAY!

This is not a light request or a simple diversion. The greatest gift anyone can possibly give to any ministry is that of their time in prayer before an Almighty God who hears us and answers us. I cherish your prayers more than anything else. Only by God's grace and mercy can SOS Revival serve any purpose whatsoever and through prayer I stand confident that God will empower me for this ministry.

If you still have a desire to help in other ways, then please get in touch with me at my Contact Page.

I am not currently set up to receive monetary donations and honestly do not need financial help in this ministry. If this ministry does grow to that extent then I will prayerfully consider how best to handle it at that time. For now, I ask that you give to your local church or to the missions field in accordance with Biblical principles. If you do not have a local church to support or are unsure of what missions to support, then I would be happy to help you learn more about both of those options!

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